Course Title: The Leader's Guide to Systemic SEL Implementation
Course ID: 1925300211

Traditionally, schools have focused on developing academic skills, and aside from the occasional lesson delivered by the school counselor, social and emotional learning (SEL) was not a priority in education reform. In recent years, we have come to understand, through rigorous and extensive research, that schools that focus on building the capacity for SEL skills in staff and students yield significant results.

So, what do educational leaders do with this knowledge? Systemic and cohesive school-wide SEL implementation requires more than just budgeting for and purchasing an evidence-based program. An infrastructure must exist where all stakeholders understand the value of SEL, where SEL is woven into the fabric of the school day and where existing programs are honored but enhanced by this new emphasis.

In this interactive learning session, participants will engage in an informative high-level overview designed to not only develop an understanding of the importance of cultivating SEL competencies in students and staff, but also to assist educational leaders in developing a sustained and cohesive SEL movement throughout a school district.

Date & Location:
Tue., October 8, 2019 8:30 am - 4:00 pm
EASTCONN Conference Center
376 Hartford Turnpike, Hampton CT 06247
Room: Cedar Room (110)

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  • Ellen Connors
  • Administrators
  • Leaders of Community Organizations
  • Principals
  • Special Education Directors
  • Superintendents
Fee: $165.00

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